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Title: Head Over Heels
Summary: When Lavender Brown and Ron Weasley snogged at the victory party for the entire common room to see, Lavender was certain that it would appear to an outside observer that her interest in Ron must have begun while watching the Quidditch match that preceded it. In actuality however, her feelings for the youngest Weasley son began to develop ages before their lips ever came into contact.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Pairing: Ron/Lavender
Word Count: 1,225
Betas: Many thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] brumeux77for the beta, and to [personal profile] thesteppyone for a beta/Britpick. Any remaining errors are my own.
Author's Notes: I started writing this story for [personal profile] luvscharlie over a year ago for a prompt that I can't even remember what it was anymore. I set it aside at the time because I just couldn't figure out how to end it. When I finally brushed off the dust and was ready to make another attempt at an ending, imagine my surprise to discover that the blasted thing was already finished! So, [personal profile] luvscharlie, here it is, a year late, but I hope that you enjoy it anyway:)

Head over Heels


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