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Title: The Eleventh Birthdays
Type of Fanwork: AU, Drama
Pairing: gen, but mentions Lily/James
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape, Lily Evans, James Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Dudley Dursley
Length (if applicable): around 16K
Rating: R for violence and allusions to character deaths
Creator: [personal profile] o_mayari
Summary/Description: On the eleventh birthday you will receive wands and wonderment and made-up words; a tabby cat and a test and three presents for people who do not exist; knowledge and names and another one, who is like you. Or: Voldemort wins the First War. The trio comes of age anyway.

Links to Fanwork (If Applicable): The Eleventh Birthdays or at Ao3
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Title: Dudley and Pansy
Type of Fanwork: Fanart
Pairing: Dudley/Pansy
Characters: Dudley Dursley, Pansy Parkinson
Length (if applicable): N/A
Rating: G
Creator: [personal profile] gamma_orionis, posted at my LJ, gamma_x_orionis
Summary/Description: A portrait of Dudley Dursley and Pansy Parkinson

Links to Fanwork (If Applicable): Dudley and Pansy


Jun. 24th, 2010 02:43 pm
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Title: Closure
Author: [personal profile] lokifan
Word count: ~500
Characters/pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: G
Summary: For a moment, Harry thought it was a hallucination or a stupid mistake. How could Dudley be here?
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for this week’s [profile] sortinghatdrabs; the characters were Dudley Dursley and one of the Trio, and the prompt was let me introduce you to...



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